For Athena Users: Essential Tips to Maximize MIPS Performance

A 30-minute overview of essential tips designed for Athena users to maximize CMS reimbursements and value-based program bonuses. Originally recorded on July 24th and July 26th and was hosted by Erin Zielinski, Director of Clinical Solutions.

 In this session, Erin covers the following topics, complete with examples, screen shots and helpful tips:

• What is MIPS?

• Qualifying for MIPS

• Financial Impact

• Athena Financial Reports

• MIPS Performance Categories

• Athena Optimization

• MIPS Final Scoring

About Erin Zielinski: Erin is a former practice manager who specializes in practice transformation with 10 years of experience working exclusively with athenaNet clients. Erin is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in Practice Management.

For additional support on this topic, contact Erin at

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